European  Cornelian  Cherry.

The legend, the wood, the stick.


Jo Stick


The very first stick that I made in this quality for myself. A small tribute to the founder of Aikido. That's my exhibit piece.. In real terms, the polished piece feels like a mixture of bone and marble. Women are reluctant to give this Stick out of their hands again. I don't know why but that is a fact. 



Trying to bring this fencing stick weapon to life. This stick still looks like a shortened shepherd's stick. As a young man, I tried to break my first shepherd's stick under the toughest working conditions. An impossible endeavor.



A family pack for father mother and child. Black ebonized with iron vinegar. Brown smoked with ammonia and yellow stained with berberine.



I had just dealt with the topic. The shape of a pelvic floor trainer did not come about by chance. A women training partner asked to extend the sample design to 220 mm. So she doesn't have to look for it in her handbag if necessary. The hard oil finish adhere immediately due to the warm of hand. However, lactic acid dissolves the unprotected finish.

Pilgrim stick

Pilgrim stick

Made for the pilgrimage to santiago de Compostela. The man found out my phone number after over thirty years and asked if I was still making sticks. Fruit can be harvested on the go with the hook. And it can also be hung on the hall - stand. A metal tip has been dispensed with so that it does not click on the sTreets. Since cornelian cherry is very shockproof, the degree of wear little.



A old wild cornelian cherry in the picture. Before it is all started, I had to find cornelian cherrys. There were only old stories. Legends, no internet and only vague ideas. I asked people who knew something. This odyssey lasted about two years.

The very first encounter was a shock. Hardly a branch was longer than a meter long. The longer branches had grown like an letter S. These were stretched in ladders and straight just dried. Because of the enormous restoring force, these branches were never allowed to get wet.

The better alternatives are plantation owners, they offer trunks that have just grown. In all sizes. Or you plant a few seedlings yourself. But they have to have time. The wood grows very slowly. Where a pine measures 30 centimeters in diameter, there is next to it is a cornelian cherry that is diameter 30 mm.