The legend, the wood, the stick.


A tactical very effective weapon of our ancestors. It is unbelievable that the perfect Roman legionaries suffered heavy losses against such a simple device. Again and again. The special cracking effect of the hardwood lies in the Toblerone form. This thing existed among indigenous peoples only in Europe.


The Roman units certainly laughed about it. But not for very long. The soot-blackened men sneaked into the Roman camp under cover of night. Wood makes no noise on metal. When they hit, it had the same effect as when someone stepped on an empty can. The horror reached all layers of Rome. The unusual sacrificial practice made the uncanny even bigger.


This old tree outsourced almost two years in the forest. The cambium was already gnawed by the worms. The approximately sixty-year-old tribe was completely divided by the drought. First, I had steamed the wood to kill the worms. Then forgot the wood again for a long time because I did not know what to do with it. I thought of knife handles or something.