The legend, the wood, the stick.


This quarters are from a dead tree. The Swiss call this form Toblerone. So to speak the Matterhorn in wood. Remains of wooden swords were dug up on the battlefield of Kalkriese. Known as the Varus Battle.
Indication of source : The Secret History of the Sword / fencing classics / wordpress


These Harier swords looked like split wood for the stove. Only much longer. The weight was estimated by the scientists after excavation finds to about three pounds.
Indication of source : Martial Arts Expert History channel "Warriors" (Germania defeats Roman oppressors)


The origin of my family name is related to such a simple piece of wood. From the Harier, a member of a special night fighter unit, became Hariberath, the armored warrior. In the high German spelling, the name changed to Harbarth.