The legend, the wood, the stick.



Sun, wind and heat are dangerous for young hiking sticks. In every situation at any time. An open door and a tilted window is enough to destroy the precious wood.

Every circulation must be interrupted. I watch for any cobwebs that they do move. Behind my garage door hangs a thick felt blanket. The window is additionally sealed double-skin sheets. The last free american Indian Ishi hoarded his crude wood in a cave with constant climate.

The inhabitants of the village Ziegenhain did the same with their wood staffs. The constant humidity allowed the wood to be stored peeled. The cave camps are still there. Almost every house had one. Even the personalized beer mugs were stored like that. Every student had his own beer tankard. Only then they remained waterproof. These works of art were built like little beer barrels. The lid was movable via a wooden nail.