The legend, the wood, the stick.




My culture plants scythe reliably cuts off everything possible. It neigther does not need electricity nor stinking gasoline and above all, it makes no noise. This is important at weekends. And to cut off the grass itself, like in ancient times, favourits body shapes. In heavy Terrain, any standardized wooden handle broke again an again. Unfortunately, the material was not produced for eternity. This lack was very annoing. I remember the cornelian wood which should be very tough and durable. Its density is same as of water. That's why it does not swim. I had roughly adjusted the selfmade handles with iron saw and HSS drills. The zwo cornelian handles lierally took off everything with them : in spring ornamental grass, little tree seedlings in summer and big nettles and tougth burdock shrubs in autumn, if need to be also parts of hedges. The handles were only slightly oiled because of weather protection.


Three little secrets. Steam transfers the heat to the wood. The principle is similar to a steam egg cooker. Also, the traditionally ovens for the bread work that way. In fact, brought the Goats hainer Village People the sticks were brought to temperature in this ovens. After the bending process, the sticks were thrown into the fire extinguishing pond for cooling. Here then also the very last bark residues left the wood. Rests from soft bark can so be rubbed down with a fingernail. The fire extinguisher pond still exists there today.