European  Cornelian  Cherry.

The legend, the wood, the stick.


I love the old craft techniques. Birch bark glue, Suberin, my insider tip for wood to metal connections. Suberin does not contain any plasticizers. This super glue can be proven tens of thousands of years. For my friends, i give a lifetime guarantee on it, at least as long as I am alive. smile

The metal tips were fitted hot and glued with Suberin. For the Surberin glue, I collected birch bark for hours in a wetland. The distillate becomes mixed with charcoal.

This composite adhesive early humans does not lose its adhesive power or elasticity. Our ancestors used this nature glue to attach their arrowheads.

I suppose birch bark glue was an intercontinental bestseller. Even the Egyptian chariots were sometimes glued make some with Suberin. Not a few components of this high end warrior chariots consist made of European wood.

The approximately 1.3 mm wide space serves to protect the wood. The metal edge can slide up a little bit without the wooden edge chipping.