The legend, the wood, the stick.



"Masterpiece". The probably the most extraordinary, life coach of this planet, an even more exceptional man, was the first to use this term.Therefore this one word for me has a special weight.

A very most respected Timber expert, if not even "THE" wood expert, whose books are internationally listed, has given me the honor to call me "The Cornel King" in one of his books.

"I has never had anything better in his hands." An sensei, multiple international martial arts world champion.

"He does not know anyone who could do that work." The owner of a very good assorted, renowned martial art shop.

"This karate stick emits noticeably energy at the ends." My first apprentice, a martial arts teacher with a Japanese honorary title.

"This perfected piece, a magically charged wood, is a pleasure to grasp with all your senses." This is just the summary of a shaman girl whose article description equals on long multi-level oragasm. I've probably already read your lines letter a hundred times. Every detail a treat.

The welcome words of a martial arts friend when viewing his special wishes. "Da Vinci at work."

"That looks like a designer sculpture." Said a very lovely young girl to a special piece.

"Extraordinary hand flatterer." Laity to whom I introduce my works from time to time. Independent of each other.

"Works of art." A master of european sword fighting wrote this me.