The legend, the wood, the stick.




The army parted, the part that would want to translate against Sicily is known. The Germania slaves went against Rome. They were first made by the Romans. They were the world's most expensive dead slaves. A single man died of a wound in his back, the report said. The majority of these men had been armed with wooden weapons.


Varus battle

Remains of wooden swords were dug up on the battlefield of Kalkriese. Quelle: The Secret History of the Sword / fencing classics / wordpress



Only with reservation are the visitors, insofar as they have excellent contacts in a German museum, showing the historical wood remains, swords and spear shafts vieving. The latter show clear blow marks of fighting until today. Old authors expect a loss rate of one to three. This also explains the sometimes huge contingents of legions against Germania.


Martial Arts Expert

History channel "Warriors" (Germania defeats Roman oppressors)




While each nation as a Stock fight culture has, in the German the Ziegenhainer bekam is known only for a short time. Quelle: The Secret History of the Sword / fencing classics / wordpress


The development of student traditions and the use of the Ziegenhainer. 


Walking Stick maker factories

When the sugarcane producers had their best time, there were plantations with more than two hundred hectare. Only for stalk removal. Workers use patented templates to scrape patterns of special growth into the bark. The designs were patented.

Basque stickmakers today still cut patterns in the bark of live shrubs.