The legend, the wood, the stick.





The polished surface of cornelian cherry shows a timeless elegance. My simple photos can not really reflect these for the viewer. The Haptic, already the feel is an experience. That's why I tell potential sponsors they should not decide on the sum until they have the desired piece of wood in their hands.


There are no ads or listings. In general, my work is recommended from mouth to mouth. That is quite enough to be busy.


Of course, friends who want to do something good for me will receive a lifetime guarantee, at least as long as I live. smile


The English here is very bumpy, I practice here with this project something. At least as far as time permits.


This page is unprofessional. My engagement here serves the qualification of interested people. To address each individual is very time consuming. Unfortunately, my time is limited. I work full-time by a premium company. Nothing else is written here than I usually tell my friends or what these gave me to the feedback.


It lacks the necessary sources. Since it is about the matter itself, there is no other name than my own. This is just a jump start.. Everyone has to do his homework himself. The most important tool is intuition. They have to train them. Everything else is brain masturbation.