My Odyssey with cornelian cherry wood, based on myths and legends.


The historical sources report from the Balkan areas. The carving industry is still a tradition there. Write to a stick maker, the forestry or others. I did that for months. 

Sellers of products that refer to Cornus mas are always a good address.

Not only Cornus mas often ends up carelessly in waste containers. The landscape gardeners will possibly allow you access to the containers. With a bit of luck they might even get hold of a very large piece.

There are wooden pits for Easter bonfires. True treasure troves.

Traditionally, shepherds have always drawn their own stems. Worldwide. Also for the following generations. Reaching a diameter of twenty-five millimeters takes as many years under optimal circumstances. Plant the seedlings either in thorny hedges or in their own garden. And make sure they are well protected. I plant a good dozen every year. I always cover the planting holes with a wheelbarrow full of natural limestones. Do not forget to ask the farmer if you can have the stones from the field.

If it may be a little faster with the plant stalks. Every good tree nursery offers seedlings.

For the one who immediately wants to harvest a straight pulled stick. Saight the offers from the tree nurseries of Europe.A straight cornelian tree with a required circumference of ten to twelve centimeters is available from 250 euros. So the offers in 2019.