The legend, the wood, the stick.


The historical sources report from the Balkan areas. The carving industry is still a tradition there. Write to a stick maker, the forestry or others. I did that for months. 

Sellers of products that refer to Cornus mas are always a good address.

Not only Cornus mas often ends up carelessly in waste containers. The landscape gardeners will possibly allow you access to the containers. With a bit of luck they might even get hold of a very large piece.

There are wooden pits for Easter bonfires. True treasure troves.

Traditionally, shepherds have always drawn their own stems. Worldwide. Also for the following generations. Reaching a diameter of twenty-five millimeters takes as many years under optimal circumstances. Plant the seedlings either in thorny hedges or in their own garden. And make sure they are well protected. I plant a good dozen every year. I always cover the planting holes with a wheelbarrow full of natural limestones. Do not forget to ask the farmer if you can have the stones from the field.

If it may be a little faster with the plant stalks. Every good tree nursery offers seedlings.

For the one who immediately wants to harvest a straight pulled stick. Saight the offers from the tree nurseries of Europe.A straight cornelian tree with a required circumference of ten to twelve centimeters is available from 250 euros. So the offers in 2019.

Wild Cornelian Cherry

A straight shot. I probably will not reap this one here. Someone can find him here after my time. I'll take good care of him while I'm still alive.

The simple technique of animation.

To animate one or more straight bars at the same time it is necessary to bend down a strong branch. To observe in nature during storm damage. Larger trees that lie on cornelian cherries, cause this vertical growth spurt.