The legend, the wood, the stick.


Our male mind supposedly only works as long, until a woman comes in contact with us ... whatever happens there. It literally detains us. Probably because it does us good. That is a kind of navigation. Even if it is outside of our minds. That we can live at all, that's far beyond our limitation. 

What we can understand, with all our conscious senses, only serves to our to survive. Assuming we work like a old PC, we can even perceive a thumb width on the approximately twenty kilo meter long program punch cards stripes. That is scary little.

Franz Anton Mesmer's life was filmed and about one thousand accompanying works of enthusiastic imitators were created. I own one reprint from the sixties and worked among others some time life with it.

Communicating with the animals requires a technique comparable to that of the Franz Anton Mesmer. He called this the animal magnetism. Some call it intuition, others call it the abdomen feeling. An woman animal trainer is currently working very successfully without speak. She controls the animals only with the thought.

There are people who claim that dead things can store information and power and dispense information and power ... and at this point we are back at the sticks. If I get along well with someone then I program the stick for him over a mental intention that we together commonly arranged before.

Mesmerism, this is just ... an ... example. I've done a lot of crazy things. Some discarded and others improved, for me.That never stops, let's call it this ... shamanic practices. Clouds evaporation, I still do that from time to time for me or sometimes just to impress a woman, so on the beach, that always goes well. smile