The legend, the wood, the stick.


In my first job I was shepherd. A shepherd's stick made of cornel tree was the most powerful long throw machine I've ever had. Hard, elastic and literally indestructible. Not very nice, because I left the bark on for protection.


After this shepherd time, a beautiful young girl spoke to me, "Please give me this stick for herding the geese." I could not resist. What ended with a joung woman started again with a friend. I pulled out all the available registers to surprise them. For this particular project, I spent time about two hundred hours. It should be the best wood , natural colors, nature glue, resin paint, real accessories ... nobody should be able to determine that these parts, have not made from a american native. That was my private claim.


For a long time I had refused to make something of this hard wood for others, not even friends ... I got blisters on my fingers, and saw teeth of the wood saw break off and many other surprises. My attitude changed only after I had learned to deal with metal and glass. My engagement here serves the qualification of interested people. To address each individual is very time consuming. Unfortunately, my time is limited. I work full-time by a company. Nothing else is written here than I usually tell my friends or what these gave me to the feedback. Since it is about the matter itself, there is no other name than my own.


Harbarth is supposed to be a very old name. An approximately eighthundred-year old High German translation is called Hari-berath. That mean the warrior and iron armor. But our ancestors fought naked in the old days and soot-blackened in the darkness. Night these melee specialists pounded against heavily armored soldiers with their wooden weapons. With great success. Whoever saw the white in their eyes in the moonlight was dead. Of these Germanic elite units, a secret society, the name Harier has been preserved, as well as some of their wooden weapons. It is unbelievable that the perfect Roman legionaries suffered heavy losses against such a simple device. Again and again. I was encouraged to publish, something, national and international.