European  Cornelian  Cherry.

The legend, the wood, the stick.


The data was collected with Google from numerous publications on the web. Some come from textbooks. These meaning values, however, this is only the regular measuring average. A bit spiced with your own experiences. Representatives ... two important addresses. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in Austria.

A half stick.

The fiber tracheids are 25 to 100 microns long and 22 wide. The ladders at the ends of the fibers are broken and have up to 40 bifurcated clasps. The fibers of the bright medullary rays in the wood have a length of 130 micrometers and a width of 14. Perhaps an explanation for the compactness of this natural fiber composite.

The tensile strength in megapascals is 225. Pine and oak have half the value. A human hair has 200. That's 205 kilograms per square centimeter.

The lignin content, responsible for the strength, is about 20%. Lignin is a natural polymer. Extracted, it delivers amazing strength results. They are a multiple of titanium.

The Source Value, responsible for the shrinkage of the wood is about 15%.

The Brinell hardness was measured at 35 N / mm. That's mere average. Oak comes up 90 N / mm. Only the burn gives Cornus mas the harder surface. On the historic Ziegenhainern so to see. On burnt cornus mas, diamond milling cutters just smear so around.

Fresh wood, beaten in winter, loses a good 25% mass. And at frost a good hacksaw some of her teeth. 

5% mass are the Extraction substances in the wood. The steaming takes some them out and makes the wood even firmer.

The compressive strength is circa 70 megapascals. Only for comparison. A press for scrap cars needs about 30 to crush a car. Thirty megapascals are three hundred kilos last on the square centimeter. Or three hundred and thirty liters of air compressed to one liter in a dip bottle.

The measured compressive strength, over the vertical front edges was 96 MPa. 96 Mpa is 9,788 kg on the square mm. A walking stick with 30 mm in diameter shows an area section of 706.858 square millimeters. That's corresponds nearly to 7000 kilos of compressive strength.

The lateral shear strength along the fiber was 36 MPa. This was measured on dry drill wood cores. These are the limits on the samples broke. A centimeter thick, three centimeter long, square wooden pen then holds the threefold in the value ... unbelievable

The PH value is 5.8. A low PH level attacks iron. Likewise a high tannic acid content. What preserves wood destroys iron, historically a dilemma. On old walking sticks the iron tips are mostly only scrap. Wood and iron get a release and adhesive layer of Suberin. This early high-end glue can still be verified after thirty thousand years. At least that's what I do now. smile

Odor. He is insignificant low, but clearly discernibly when grinding. Very pleasant with every piece.

The sound transmission, the speed goes up to 5000 meters per second. This is similar for water and iron. On a healthy piece of wood, the sound is like a xylophone.

The density of the wood is about 0.88 - 1,03 grams per cubic centimeter. Water and Amber circa 1 gram. Cornus mas with bark, it usually floats just below the water surface.

The annual rings, in the Cornus mas, circa 1 mm ... in heavy pieces are these 0,6 a millimeter. As a rule, the most usable needle trees here show an increase in the annual ring of 3 to 5 millimeters, for comparison.

The flexural strength is 150 Megapascals. The measured maximum value was close to that of elastic ash wood at 200 MPa.

With the impact resistant Cornus mas in Europe came in first place. Rapid 140 kilojoules. Cornelian cherries hammers last a small eternity. My electric hammer, weighing seventeen kilos, has a breaking force of thirty-three joules.

The thermal conductivity. No special data yet. Wood is insulating and feels pleasant even in winter. An important factor compared to plastics. The thermal isulation value of wood is similar to that of straw or sheep wool with 0.35 to 0.50 Si. The thermal conductivity value of That of silver and copper is with circa 400 ... a thousand times higher. So much to the metallic ornaments on sticks at frost.

The elastic modulus from Cornus mas is between 12 and 14 GPa. And that very value is similar to our human bones.

Cornus mas glide slip. The polished wood glides smoothly through your hands and does not cause bubbles.When firmly touching, the hands stick to the smooth surface. The adhesion power is like a frog hand on the glass wall.

In order to maintain the excellent material properties, it only takes a little bit of care. An occasional polish with horsetail soaked in linseed oil is quite usable for the shiny condition.